We offer a range of choices when it comes to this course. To help offer you the right solution you can pick between Face-to-Face training, Webinar training, eLearning, or Train the Trainer. 

The content of the Dementia Dictionary is built using the global Dementia Interpreters forum and through this portal we discuss actions, behaviours, body language, noises and situations to translate the 'Language of Dementia'.  

The Dementia Interpreters forum works just like social media where we connect people with their own experiences and knowledge to share with others, discuss and then publish findings through the Dementia Dictionary.  The main difference however is that you must have completed a training course to understand why learning the language of dementia is so important.  

The Dementia Interpreters course is available to everyone whether you are a professional member of care staff, a nurse, doctor family member or a company or person that is interested in finding out the best ways to support people who have dementia.

Life changing, exceptional training that will advance our knowledge and place us in the shoes of people who have dementia so that we can see the challenges they face everyday to keep their voice heard.

Everyone is welcome, so please select one of the 4 options to the right to find out how you too can help the 54 million people worldwide who have dementia reconnect to their loved through conversation.

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