We offer a range of choices when it comes to this course. To help offer you the right solution you can pick between Face-to-Face training, Webinar training, eLearning, or Train the Trainer. 

Train the Trainer

Are you looking to build a competitive edge? does your organisation want to reduce cost, attract both new staff and clients? ensure that you can provide the most outstanding care possible? The Dementia Interpreter course is the benchmark training for every organisation that supports people who have dementia and our Train the Trainer course means that you can train all of your staff at a fraction of the cost and improve the quality of life for the people that you support. 

During the Covid-19 era, we will deliver this course via webinar and when it is safe to do so, we will deliver via face to face.  Once the 2 day course has been completed, you will be able to deliver to all of your staff at your own pace.  

Part of the price is the cost of the equipment and discounts can be made for multiple trainers.


Equipment cost: £500+VAT.

2 Day Train the Trainer: £800+VAT.

For further information contact:

To book contact: 01376 573999 or click this link

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