We offer a range of choices when it comes to this course. To help offer you the right solution you can pick between Face-to-Face training, Webinar training, eLearning, or Train the Trainer. 

Face-to-Face Course

As the Covid-19 pandemic subsides and it becomes safe to again come to your organisation and deliver the courses, face to face experiential training will again become available.  This is the best way to get the most out of the training and deliver to upto 12 delegates per session.  

On a date and time agreed, a trainer will arrive with all the equipment and deliver the most most amazing, interactive and life adjusting course that is available to understand dementia from the persons point of view and learn how to start to translate the 'Language of Dementia'.  During the course, we will take away your ability to speak, see, hear and finally move your body and you will be forced to find new ways to communicate in exactly the same way dementia causes the person to find new ways to have their voice heard.

This course is exceptional and one that you just cannot miss.

For more information contact:

To book your training call: 01376 573999. 

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