We offer a range of choices when it comes to this course. To help offer you the right solution you can pick between Face-to-Face training, Webinar training, eLearning, or Train the Trainer. 

Live Webinar Course

The Live webinar training is the first and only live experiential training that is available in the UK. This covid safe training can be delivered to groups of 3 but is ideally priced and suited to 9 delegates.  During the experience, we will take away your ability to speak, see, hear and even move your body and you will have to find new ways to communicate as your natural abilities are stripped from you.  This gives you the experience of what it is like for a person with dementia through early, mid and end stages of dementia.


When booked, we will send by courier a padlocked box containing all the equipment that you will need for the session.  All equipment is sterilised and covid safe so you know that you and other delegates are completely safe to relax and enjoy the session.  At a date and time agreed, you will book onto either a zoom or teams link that we send you and the trainer will give you the code to unlock the box.  They will then tell you which equipment to take out at each part of the course and then deliver the most life changing course that will help you to understand the need to translate the 'Language of Dementia'. At the end of the course, all the equipment is placed back into the box and again sealed with the padlocks.  The following day a courier will collect and bring back to us so everything can be sterilised ready for that next customer.


Cost for 9 delegates (one course) 3 hours: £475+VAT.


Cost for 18 delegates (2 x courses) 2 x 3 hrs: £800+VAT.

To book contact 01376 573999 or click this link

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