We offer a range of choices when it comes to this course. To help offer you the right solution you can pick between Face-to-Face training, Webinar training, eLearning, or Train the Trainer. 

e Learning Course

The community edition of the Dementia Interpreters course is available to individuals that would like to understand more about dementia specific communication and understanding how to translate the 'Language of Dementia'.  This fantastic course allows you to watch the content and the experiential training that happens in the professional course.  After the course is completed you will be registered as a level 1 community Dementia Interpreter and start to get involved in the global Interpreter forum.  Here you will be connected to Dementia Interprters from around the world who are committed to always allowing a person with dementia's voice to be heard even if they have lost the ability to speak.

The course cost £25.00+VAT (£30 Inc VAT) and can be purchased by clicking this link

If you would like multiple courses for staff, please contact 01376 573999 or e-mail 

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