CareMatch UK

Care Match UK was founded in 2020 by Managing Director Luke Rothwell who had been a Registered Manager for over 15 years previously. Care Match UK provides specialist training to providers all over the UK and is able to deliver its services from a different perspective due to this experience within the healthcare industry. 


The team at Care Match are care professionals, who have actively worked within health and social care before joining our family, which provides our company with a genuine perspective of the needs of our clients. 


Dementia Care is vitally important to the team at Care Match UK which has driven this partnership with the Dementia interpreter programme and matches the values, our ethos and long term plans around specialist and innovative training methods. 


Alongside Care Match UK's training provisions we also support providers with recruitment, short term agency support, care compliance consultancy and interim management services. 

Licensed Dementia Interpreter Partner

CareMatch UK are an officially licensed provider of the innovative Dementia Interpreter training. This experiential training course helps learners to begin to learn the language of dementia and become registered Dementia Interpreters who then contribute to the creation of the Dementia Dictionary. 

If you are based in Kent, and would like some further information about how CareMatch UK may be able to provide this training for you, then you contact them by phone on 01843 636 188, or send an email to for further information.

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