Ivy House Dementia Care

Improving the lives of families living with dementia 

We understand that finding support for a loved one with dementia isn’t easy and choosing the right of level care can be a tough decision. 

We are Ivy House, a day centre based in central Eastbourne providing care and support for people diagnosed with dementia. We welcome funded and self-funded visitors. We cater for all stages of dementia but with one single objective; to improve the quality of life for those with dementia and their families and carers. Our unique approach has proven results and, in many cases, home life can be continued for much longer than would otherwise be the case.

At the house, our dedicated team has worked hard to create a safe and nurturing environment that replicates typical home life as far as possible for all those who attend our sessions. We offer a varied (and lively!) activities programme that not only supports our approach to dementia therapy but also provides family members with respite from their often demanding caring roles.

With an emphasis on enjoyment and engagement, we create tailored support plans that incorporate individual’s interests, hobbies and normal routines with a focus on redeveloping many of their lost skills.

Our handpicked team of experienced carers, or ‘companions’, are fully trained in ‘the Ivy way’ and we pride ourselves on our high staff to client ratios.

We offer morning, afternoon and full day sessions from Monday to Friday. You can sign up for as little as once a week, but many of our guests come every day. In addition to these sessions, we run a monthly supper club*, family forums when you need them, a monthly support groupa weekly ‘Sing & Swing’ event* and much more. We also run The Eastbourne Dementia Café at Shades Restaurant, The Beacon on the second Monday of month – drop in for advice and support and we’ll buy you a coffee.

*events currently on hold due to COVID

We think our house speaks for itself and we warmly welcome visits by appointment. Our team can answer any questions you may have, and you will see first-hand what happens during a typical day at Ivy House.

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