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About Pure Life Homecare


Matt, our founder, started Pure Life Homecare in 2015 after his grandad had home care in London. The carers were good, but they didn’t really engage. They’d wander in from the kitchen with toast and tea, make some comment about the weather and they’d be off. It wasn’t their fault. They were overworked and under-appreciated.

He just felt that care could be done so much more effectively by focussing on the carers. Yes, excellence in personal care is imperative – washing, moving and positioning, medications, understanding conditions and symptoms, meal prepping etc – but people are sociable creatures. There are two parts to how we care for people. That’s why we emphasize the social aspect as well as the personal aspect of care.

At Pure Life Homecare, it’s all in the training and personal development of our carers. They learn technical and life skills. And they can engage with you. Your likes, your hobbies, where you were born.

One lady loved arts and crafts. So we got her involved again. For those with dementia, we’ll play music that jogs memories. We get people dancing, playing bingo. We’ve even arranged table tennis.

At Pure Life, we’ve always seen the bigger picture. Our care plans always improve quality of life both from a physical and emotional perspective.

So you get to live your best life. Whatever your age.

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