Scimitar Care Hotels

We understand that finding suitable care and accommodation for yourself or a loved one can often be difficult, confusing and sometimes upsetting. We realise that in this day and age, people's perception of care for the elderly is tainted by the image of an institutional, impersonal 'old peoples home' or 'nursing home'. As one approaches an older age, such fears can often inhibit the desire to find appropriate help which can be hugely detrimental to both their health and life.

We recognise that during old age, life can become increasingly difficult due to a gradual decline in health, mobility or with the onset of dementia. This can hamper the ability to find services, support or information around homes that can provide appropriate care for their age and can lead them to search for services such as nursing care which may actually be inappropriate for their needs, adding further confusion.

Scimitar Care is different. As providers of outstanding elderly residential care homes in Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridge, Enfield and London, we opened our first residential care hotel for the elderly in 1973. Our goal then was to help afford a standard of accommodation and level of service to match the expectations of the most discerning resident. Over forty years later our reputation for care and quality is second to none.

Our elderly care homes can help you find the right services and support required to assist your daily living, whilst helping you find and build new relationships with people of a similar age. We work with our residents to ensure that our care homes focus specifically on their health needs and we tune our services to tailor a care package that provides an experience unique to each person.

As our residential care homes cater for and provide personalised care for the elderly, we are adept at supporting those both living with or without Dementia. We specialise in offering respite care services for older people which is available throughout the year, allowing you to reserve respite care up to one year in advance of the actual stay. This can allow you a short break of your own, or ensure that your loved one's health needs are being met whilst you are away.

We believe that a visit to one of our care hotels will completely change your impression of living in an elderly care home as we offer unparalleled support and services, both in terms of accommodation and in our approach to residential care for older age people. Our services are designed to help support an older person's life, allowing them to enjoy more of their time, whilst helping improve their overall health and well being.

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